Brave hunters of the Hunterverse can show their powers and skills in the Arena with 2 modes:

1vs1 battles

Players will be eager to pit their wits against rival hunters to hone their skills, receive points for each winning battle, as well as be ranked and awarded $HUT tokens every Monday

The system will distribute 10 keys to players for joining the war, which can be renewed with HIT tokens or obtained for free in specific events.

3vs3 battles

In the Arena, players can freely form a team to fight in the 3vs3 mode and work together, discuss tactics and plans like an army.

The 3vs3 mode is designed to encourage players to connect with friends who share the same battle goals instead of random strangers. That will greatly affect how you approach battles.

The key feature of 3vs3 is that it requires players to be strategic and highly skilled. They have to both communicate effectively with their teammates and collaborate to devise the best strategy to win two out of three matches.

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