Game plot

A long time ago, legend has it that innumerable treasures scattered around Rikedom - a cradle of the most immeasurably precious things, which were always being craved and usurped.

However, in the reigning era of the Rikedom wrathful berserkers, treasure hunters warned: “No matter how marvelous the treasures are, death is always waiting for you in the boundary between Rikedom sanctuary and the world”.

Notorious Rikedom berserkers came into the world possessing a form of energy with terrifying power. Hidden across the land in the great camouflage that human beings were unable to recognize, Rikendom lineage always viewed themselves as the superiors, and they dismissed humans as disgraceful and disgusting hybrid species. They blatantly expropriated treasures blessed by supreme Thanatos.

To steal back these lucrative treasures that Rikedom was burying, Themis' lineage sent out elite hunters that of Barbarian, Paladin, Assassin, Ranger, and Sorcerer, who owned magical powers

To prepare for the war, they discussed, analyzed the topography and strategy to conquer the victory.

“The kingdom map is separated into 7 pieces, each of which is concealed in different areas sequentially: Forbidden Land, Black Abyss, Dark Graveyard, Rikedom Valley, Monster land, Warriors Mass Grave, Stormy Dessert, and the last piece of map belongs to the Rikedom wrathful berserkers. After overcoming each challenge and defeating the Rikedom successfully, we will obtain each piece of the map leading to the treasure.” - as the Sorcerer said.

Taking back the treasure not only reinforces the prosperity of the nation but also overthrows the barbarous reign that has terrorized the kingdom for several centuries. This expedition is a battle of survival, will the hunters of Themis return as legendary heroes, or disappear from the world as unknowns? All will be answered in the journey to defeat the warriors and hunt for treasure - HUNTERVERSE

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