A fighter who has a bold attribute and the fierce fighting style of the god of war Kratos. Given innate power, not only is Barbarian able to bear extensive damage from fierce enemies in a long period of time but he or she can also carry great physical damage, which is a precursor to an onslaught of their teammates.


A knight of noble birth, who equips himself/ herself with a sword and armor, fights for faith and right. On top of that, will and determination is key to giving Paladin the strength to stir his teammates to battles and make his enemies terrified and weak before justice is being served.


A genuine killer, who is agile and unexpectedly dangerous, is capable of inflicting severe damage in a fleeting moment by combining various skill sets. Assassin normally aims at those who have little resistance and attacks them at the drop of a hat.


As a pure physical class, the Ranger's strengths are flexible such as long-lasting damage and adaptability to many environments and terrains. Ranger is good at a long-range fighting style, who causes the most powerful damage once standing behind the hunter wielding strong resistance. However, these archers are quite fragile and easily targeted by assassins.


Be well- known for being a master of magic, Sorcerer wields his or her magic power for attacking opponents or supporting teammates. Their skill sets can be used over considerable distances and affect a grand scale of area.

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