Hunterversve ecosystem’s native token is $HUT


  • Name: $HUT token

  • Symbol: $HUT

  • Network: BSC

  • Decimals: 18

  • Total supply: 150,000,000 $HUT

Use Cases

  • Transactions: $HUT is used for making transactions of NFTs on the marketplace

  • Rewards: Players will get $HUT as a reward for ​winning battles and completing in-game missions.

  • Staking: Players can stake $HUT over a specific period to get profit and rewards.

  • Breeding: Pay $HUT as a fee for breeding a completely new NFT.

Token Allocation

A total of 150 million HUT tokens will be distributed among the following categories:

$HUT token will have an initial circulating supply of 16,020,000 tokens. The vesting plan is shown in the below table:

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