PvE Campaign

Many intense battles are waiting for hunters to conquer the roadmap, reach the final goal and receive a worthy reward.

There are 7 terrains that players must pass. Each area is divided into sub-maps that correspond to the levels that players must complete before proceeding to the boss-killing mission and beginning a new journey.

Map 1 - Forbidden Land: The first area people need to overcome to step out of Themis safely. For all newbies, most of the missions are collecting weapons.

Map 2 - Black Abyss: Small monsters appear with a dark vibe. Rangers on this map will be hunted by foes and monsters. Tanker and Assassin are in charge of protecting Ranger.

Map 3 - Dark Graveyard: Terrain is full of traps designed with sophisticated details (bleeding by touching poisonous plants).

Map 4 - Rikedom Valley: The terrain vibe is more brilliant than map 3’s, however, the team must transport on the waterway and fight against sea monsters

Map 5 - Monsterland: Boss is a monster equipped with cutting-edge weapons and high resilience. Defeating the boss successfully is necessary to obtain numerous equipment and boost ATK; also be able to tame the Boss as a mascot for the team

Map 6 - Warrior Mass Grave: An area that is full of skeletons creates a creepy ambiance.

Map 7- Stormy Dessert: Being blind by the sandstorm, however, Tanker gets more power, turns bigger to protect the whole team.

Map 8 - Final Boss: Rikedom treasures and wrathful berserkers: Encountering Rikedom armies, their simultaneous presence requires the team to apply more skills and strategies together. Finally, knock down the Big Boss.

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